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What Is On-site Badging?

We aim to offer an exceptional attendee experience by offering seamless and hassle-free participant check-ins and we will add a unique touch to your events by taking care of your branding needs.

You will be able to register participants, check them in and print badges. Print custom badges with ease that showcase your brand and make your event/conference memorable.

Also, you will have access to real-time data on attendee registration and check-in which will be helpful to make calculated decisions based on data.

Why It Matters?

Our on-site badging solution makes your events more flexible and efficient. You will be able to customize attendee badges with your conference logo and name fields of your choice.Our instantaneous data sync feature will help you to generate customized reports and derive analytics data from them.What are you waiting for, save your valuable time and effort with our on-site badging solutions!

    What we Offer?
  • Smart and Agile Walk-In Registration.
  • Custom Reports & Analytics.
  • Instantaneous Data Sync.
  • Print Branded Badges.
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